Business opportunity in window security for property / businesses / homes / cars, bakkies/ boats/ caravans/ holiday homes, guard huts, etc.

Now the new 7 mm stronger  “slimline” ClearBars with 15 years warranty

“ClearBar your home now, security is priceless”


ClearBars, MultiSafe Security supplies the unique ClearBars, 40% stronger than any other transparent security bar, a completely see through clear burglar bar manufactured from imported and specially UV treated poly carbonates. The burglar bars are barely noticeable, strong and actually enhance the windows. Due to its unique and innovative features there is a large market in all areas in Southern Africa . It is relatively inexpensive and one of its kind. After a many years of R&D processes in Israel , Europe and in South Africa the product is the best to be  installed in the South African markets as ClearBars transparent security bars. MultiSafe Security has 13 years of local experience, 1,400 km’s installed and many, many references. License/agent opportunities are offered to a limited number of entrepreneurs based on the demographic and psychographic make-up of individual regions, countries and/or areas.




Being a MultiSafe agent means you will get:

  • An excellent business opportunity with a substantial income potential.
  • Exclusive marketing and installation rights in a large geographical target market.
  • Attractive pricing and discount structures – sufficient to allow you to pass on good commission/discounts to 3 rd parties who you would like to work with under your “umbrella”.
  • A unique and competitive advantage in the market.
  • Full ongoing product and technical support.
  • Availability to new products as they are developed and come on to market.
  • Beautiful branded promotional/workshop trailer for mobile efficiency and exhibitions/shows/markets/events.
  • Ongoing backup in marketing, product and technical support.

pic12MultiSafe Promo/workshop trailer


  • MultiSafe Security will provide the Agents with full training relating to the installation of the products.
  • Training will be provided to the Agents and key employees by MultiSafe Security in Knysna or any other suitable venue as is suitable for both parties
  • Initial training to become totally familiar with the product, the installations and the business, on-going support from then.

MultiSafe Security will support and assist the Agents with the following:

  • *Product Literature and Marketing Support.
  • *Product Training.

pic13Martin Nauta, founder and owner of MultiSafe Security.

  • *Technical Assistance.
  • *Sales support (and the sharing of information).
  • *MultiSafe Security website with all agents mentioned.
  • *Several Locations Available
  • *Licenses are available in Africa and worldwide.
  • *Country Licenses are available for many countries, just contact us.

We are the most successful transparent security bar suppliers for over a decade, 1,400 km’s installed and with over 50 installation teams.


Beware of immitations, ClearBars are the 1ste and only original ClearBars on the market for over a decade.

pic7Typical animal proof application

For more information on this excellent business opportunity please contact Martin Nauta @ MultiSafe on 044 382 6538
or email at