About Us

MULTISAFE SECURITY, the inventors and exclusive suppliers of ClearBars® supply the strongest see-through security bar available in the world, which is guaranteed.

We invented ClearBars® 18 years ago and today we are the largest supplier of transparent security bars. With over 50 owner-operated, accredited installation teams, we cover most areas in Southern Africa. Over 5,000 kilometres of ClearBars® have been supplied and installed by our organisation.

We have opened our European offices soon in the Netherlands and are currently looking for main distributors in all European countries.

We only supply high density polycarbonate, specially produced for our ClearBars from the largest special plastics supplier in the world.

“Being the inventor of the highly successful transparent security bars and working exclusively with our ClearBars is a great step forward and proving to the world that we have the best product ever”, says Martin Nauta, owner of MultiSafe Security. Our ClearBars are thicker, more dense, thus stronger than any similar product available today.

Carbon Fiber 5 times as strong as steel, is basically very thin strands of carbon (polyacrylonitrile) and poly carbonate resin.

ClearBars are virtually unbreakable, and is approved for use in the aviation and space industry, is very scratch resistant, is bullet resistant and has passed the toughest tests in the world and is made in accordance with the ISP 9001 norms. The Gautrain and Metro rail passenger trains use poly carbonate to protect commuters from stones and other objects that could hurt passengers and the drivers.

ClearBars® have successfully been installed in many homes in South Africa by our teams of trained professional agents/distributors. The installation is the weakest link in the system and therefore very important that it is done by our trained people. We always send out a representative before we quote for installation says Nauta, founder of MultiSafe Security. We need to use the best installation method for our top quality ClearBars®. “There is no point in having super strong ClearBars® installed when the fixing point can be broken easily”. It is therefore not really suitable as a DYI product. Insurance companies insist the installation to be done by accredited installers only.

Not one installation is the same and damages to window frames, glass and properties are easily made during installation, which makes it unsuitable as a DIY product. Some insurance companies will only accept transparent bars if supplied and installed by accredited MultiSafe Security teams.

Specifications and approvals can be obtained from MultiSafe Security.

ClearBars® are the toughest transparent burglar bar available and we guarantee it!! 15 YEARS WARRANTEE! Over 1,400 km installed.

Please beware of imitations.