ClearBars offers a range of unique completely see-through security products that look aesthetically pleasing. We have the expertise and the products to turn your premises into an attractive ‘safe haven’.

Made from the strongest thermoplastic in the world, ClearBars provide a secure and elegant solution to burglar-proofing your home or business. Virtually unnoticeable and often enhancing the window, our ClearBars provide a means of securing your home and loved ones, without compromising your mountain and sea views.

The material is virtually indestructible and has a tensile breaking strength of 4,000kg’s.

The 7mm x 30mm burglar bars are individually installed with spacing’s of 100mm – 120mm, as per insurance regulations, and are easily and securely mounted in to either aluminium or wooden frame windows by our professional and approved Multisafe Security agent. We also custom maker sub- frames on site if your windows frames are too weak or there is not enough space to mount.

ClearBars is synonymous with quality and durability and is one of only two thermoplastics in the entire world approved for use in the aviation industry (airplane and helicopter windows)

Additionally the material is used for VIP protection, manufacturing police riot shields, visors for helmets, jetfighter cockpits, rocket windows and race car windscreens. Where reliability and strength is paramount, most manufacturers choose ClearBars.

ClearBars are maintenance free, fairly scratch resistant and guaranteed for 15 years against fading and ageing.

Multisafe is the inventor of ClearBars and guarantees that when you purchase our ClearBars, you are installing the strongest transparent burglar bar in the world.

ClearGates – Our range of custom made gates provide an elegant solution to securing your hinged and sliding doors. Speak to your local agent for detailed information on our ClearGates.

ClearBars can be used as an alternative to steel cabling and laminated glass on balustrades. Steel cabling tends to develop surface rust and glass can delaminate over the years. ClearBars provide a cost effective and an elegant solution to securing your balcony whilst preserving your view.

Swimming pool enclosures
ClearBars can also be used as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional pool fencing.

We are the most successful transparent security bar suppliers for over a decade, with 1,400 km installed and over 50 installation teams.

For information please contact MultiSafe on 044 382 6538 or email at

Beware of imitations, ClearBars® are the only original transparent burglar bars on the market for over a decade.